MATERIALS – “Local and Intercommunal Conflict Resolution and Mediation” Virtual Course

Materials will be uploaded after each session

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Course Program


Pre-Course Materials:

– UN Guidance for Effective Mediation

– Introduction (password: Conflux2023)

– Defining Local Conflicts (password: Conflux2023)

– Essence of Mediation (password: Conflux2023)

– Podcast Lou Nuer – Murle (password: Conflux2023)

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

SESSION 4: “Local & Intercommunal Conflict Resolution Mechanisms”

SESSION 5: “Mediation Process Design”

SESSION 7: “Mediation & Intractable Local and Intercommunal Conflicts — Identity, Ethnic & Religious Conflicts”

DAY 3:

SESSION 6: “Designing a Mediation Strategy — Creating Alliances & Political Leverage”

SESSION 8: “Intercultural Dialogue — How to Mediate Local & Intercommuncal Conflicts Across Cultures”

SESSION 9: “Mediation Skills & Techniques”

SESSION 10: “Analysis of Local Peace Agreements —Substance & Formulations, Issues & Compromises”

DAY 4:

SESSION 11: “Local & National Conflict Resolution Tracks — Relationship Between National & Local Conflict, Network Advocacy, Programs, Campaigns, Strategies”

VIDEO: IPI — Reflections and Lessons on UN Support to Local Mediation Efforts





Suggested Materials:

– NOREF Murle Identity

– Changing Power Among Murle Chiefs

– Evans Pritchard E E The Nuer a Description of the Modes

– The History of Murle Migrations

– A Guide to the Nuerof Junglei State

– The 7 Deadly Sins of Mediation – Lakhdar Brahimi and Salman Ahmed

Case Study: Central Mali (Password: Conflux2023)

Additional Readings:

– In The Name of Identity – Amin Maalouf

– IPI Global Observatory: Local Peace Processes and the Protection of Civilians – Allard Duursma

– Peace by Pieces? Local Mediation and Sustainable Peace in the Central African Republic – Marie-Joelle Zahar and Delphine Mechoulan 


UN Guidance & Policies:

– UN Support to Local Mediation

– The Role of United Nations Peacekeeking Operations in Addressing Local Conflicts

A Guide for Mediation Practitioners Natural Resources and Conflict

– A Manual for UN Mediators

– Digital Toolkit Report

– Guidance for Mediators on Addressing Conflict Related Sexual Violence in Ceasefire and Peace Agreements

– Mediation Startup Guidalines UNDPA 2011

– UN Guidance on Gender and Inclusive Mediation Strategy