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Virtual Training Course for Political Advisers “How to Manage the Political Dimension in Conflict Resolution & Peacekeeping”

The objective of the course is to train political advisers serving in peacekeeping operations, political and peacebuilding missions by enhancing their specific knowledge and skills, and enabling them to develop […]

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20 May 2024

“Negotiating with Non-State Armed Groups” Advanced One-Day Virtual Training with Miloš Strugar

Most armed conflicts today are internal in character, involving an array of non-state armed groups of diverse nature. Approximately 100 of these groups can be legally classified as parties to non-international armed […]

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06 June 2024

“How to Negotiate Across Cultures” Advanced One-Day Virtual Training with Miloš Strugar

Conflicts today are increasingly complex as they correlate with issues of culture and identity. Crucial obstacles to negotiation across cultures stem from perceptions, difficulties in communicating and understanding the other. […]

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13 June 2024

The mission of Conflux Center is to promote international cooperation, intercultural dialogue and mediation as essential tools in addressing challenges and threats to world peace and security.

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