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    3-8 March 2019
    Belgrade, Serbia

    The aim of the course is to enhance specific knowledge in conflict analysis and mediation skills of the participants which can be successfully applied in emerging and ongoing crisis situations.

    The training consists of contributions by senior experts and practitioners in this field, facilitated discussions, and simulation exercises.

    The content of the course aims to create a platform for an exchange of experiences, as well as the best practices and the trends in the field of mediation between participants and facilitators.

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    Seventh Annual Meeting of the European Association of Peace Operations Training Centres

    16-18 April 2019
    Belgrade, Serbia

    The seventh annual EAPTC meeting will focus on several topics related to peace keeping and act as a platform for discussions on how training development can follow the ever-changing demands in peace operations and help overcome the gap between aspiration and reality. The primary objective is the alignment of training to the operational needs and new realities in the field to make peacekeeping more effective and safer, with well-equipped and well-trained forces.

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    1-5  July 2019
    Belgrade, Serbia

    The objective of the course is to expand specific knowledge on gender issues with the view to applying gender perspective in all policies, actions, plans and procedures in integrated peace operations and to improve understanding of the role women could play in conflict prevention and conflict resolution, and to enhance specific skills of the participants in gender sensitive conflict analysis and mediation process design.

    Course is focused on:

    1. Gender mainstreaming on the operational and tactical levels in the different disciplines of peace operations and

    2. Gender sensitive mediation.

    The course program is designed for civilians, military and police officers working in international organizations, those working in the public sector, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions or  those preparing themselves to serve in the area of peace operations or in diplomatic services.

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