• The virtual conference "Harnessing the Power of Culture in Mediation, Conflict Prevention & Resolution"

    organized  by Conflux Center and partners, China Foreign Affairs University and the University of Arts in Belgrade

    took place on 17-18 January 2021 and can be viewed on the following links:

    Watch Day One

    Watch Day Two

       To stay up to date with other joint events by all three institutions visit:


UpComing Events

  • Virtual Training Course
    “Conflict Resolution and Mediation – Tools, Skills, and Techniques"
    2 - 5  November 2021

    The objective of the course is to develop a deeper understanding of ways to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts, and to enhance specific knowledge and skills in conflict analysis, negotiation, facilitation and mediation, which could be successfully applied in emerging and ongoing conflict situations.

    More about this

  • Virtual Training Course
    “Gender Mainstreaming in Mediation”
    10 - 11  November 2021

    The objective of the course is to expand specific knowledge on gender related issues with the view to applying gender perspective in mediation processes, to deepen understanding of the role women could play in conflict prevention and conflict resolution, and enhance specific skills in gender-sensitive conflict analysis and mediation process design.

    More about this

  • Virtual Training Course
    “How to Manage The Cultural Dimension in Conflict Resolution”
    2-5 November 2021

    The course will look into different ways of approaching intractable cross-cultural conflicts. While some assume that these conflicts are caused by the existence of cultural differences, others claim that the root causes stem from perceptions, difficulties in communicating and understanding each other, dictated by cultural frameworks.

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