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UpComing Events

  • Virtual training course 
    15th – 18th September 2020 

    Topics: defining and understanding “local conflict”; essence of mediation; role of mediator; local conflict analysis for mediation design and process – tools and skills; talking to non-state armed actors; how to determine when a local conflict is ripe for mediation; developing a mediation strategy and process design; mediation skills; bringing the aspect of culture and inter-cultural dialogue into mediation; public communication in the mediation context; influence of information and digital technologies on local conflict and mediation; digital mediation toolkit- opportunities and risks (cyber mediation, social media, cyber security)…

    Aim of the course: To train civil affairs, political affairs and other officers serving in peacekeeping operations, political and peacebuilding missions by enhancing their specific knowledge and skills, and enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of ways to prevent, mitigate and resolve local conflicts. 

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  • Virtual training course 
    24th – 25th September 2020 

    Topics: gender-sensitive conflict analysis – tools and skills; gender and inclusive mediation; the gender-related impact of conflict; prevention and response to CRSV and SGBV; gender and culture; gender and inclusive mediation; role of mediator; challenges and best practices in integrating gender perspective in mediation…

    The objective of the course is to train civilian, military and police officers serving in peace operations, expand their specific knowledge on gender issues with the view to applying gender perspective in mediation processes, to deepen their understanding of the role women could play in conflict prevention and conflict resolution, and enhance specific skills in gender-sensitive conflict analysis and mediation process design.

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  • Virtual training course 

    14th - 18th December 2020

    The course is designed to equip participants from a range of disciplines with core security skills applicable across a range of medium to high risk mission contexts. We combine experience and best practices from a wide spectrum of civilian, journalist, UN, EU, diplomatic, military and police settings. Our highly experienced and certified trainers offer personal insights from work both in mission and individual assignment contexts in Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Asia. Specialist areas such as Actions under fire; IEDs; Front line first aid; Hostage taking; and Conduct after capture will be covered, alongside core elements, including situational awareness and security planning / preparations. Finally, the course will also include data/communications security awareness modules, with core training and tools to better protect your personal and professional data.   

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