Miloš Strugar

Co-Founder & Director

Milos Strugar, UN Senior Mediation Advisor

Executive director of Conflux center, UN Senior Mediation Adviser, independent consultant, writer and columnist. Mr. Strugar is currently assisting UN Special Envoy, Mr. Geir O. Pedersen, on the ceasefire agreement in Syria, and is the head of the UN expert delegation at the Nur-Sultan (Astana) talks on the conflict in Syria. He has extensive experience in public communications in crisis contexts, and has been advising in this regard the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Onanga-Anyanga, and the UN peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic, MINUSCA. Mr. Strugar spent over twenty years as a high-ranking civilian officer with the United Nations Peace-Keeping Department in various missions in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. His most recent post as Deputy Head of Mission and Director of Political and Civil Affairs in UNIFIL (Lebanon), was concluded in January 2014. His field posts include South Africa, Rwanda, Tajikistan/Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Israel/Palestine. He was directly engaged in comprehensive peace and reconciliation talks in South Africa as well as in Tajikistan. Mr. Strugar played a critical role in mediating cessation of hostilities between the Israel Defense Forces and Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon on many occasions, as well as in establishing the tripartite forum comprised of UN, Israel Defense Forces and Lebanese Armed Forces. He has considerable experience with ceasefire and cessation of hostilities issues, including facilitating discreet dialogue with non-state armed groups. Mr. Strugar has lectured at many academic and training institutions in Europe, Middle East and China. He is a frequent contributor in Serbian and international media. He was a diplomat for former Yugoslavia.

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